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Columbia Roybal Center for Fearless Behavior Change 

Improving health behaviors of people with hospitalizations for acute medical events, as this population often experiences PTSD symptoms or other fear reactions after hospitalization

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Cornell Roybal Center-Translational Research Institute on Pain in Later Life 

Developing potent, scalable, nonpharmacological  interventions and leveraging new technologies that help foster adaptive behavior change in the context of pain

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NBER Roybal Center for Behavior Change in Health 

Retirement saving applied in the health domain, particularly in terms of prescription drug adherence and home delivery

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ORCASTRAIT Oregon Roybal Center for Care Support Translational Research Advantaged by Integrating Technology 

Using technologies to facilitate more objective, real-world assessment/management of various kinds of aging conditions (and focusing specifically on care-provider interventions)

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Rochester Roybal Center for Social Ties and Aging Research 

Promoting social connectedness/conducting research that tackles the problem of social disconnectedness  

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Roybal Translational Research Center to Promote Context-Specific Caregiving of Community-Dwelling Persons Living with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders 

Providing and developing competency in care; varying kinds of caregiving situations demand acquisition of mastery 



The Roybal Center for Therapeutic Optimization Using Behavioral Science

Optimizing medication use to promote health aging (i.e., everything from appropriate prescribing to medication adherence)

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Transforming Residential Palliative Care for Persons with Dementia Through Behavioral Economics and Data Science 

Transforming residential palliative care for persons with dementia through both behavioral economics and data science