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mHealth and Digital Health Approaches to Research in Aging

Overview & Plenaries
  • Workshop Agenda

  • Plenary: NIA View of the Field - Dana Plude (Slides) (Recording)

  • Plenary: Potential Impact on Clinical Trials: Bayesian Adaptable Designs, Mixed Phenotyping, Pragmatic Studies - Ricardo Pietrobon (Recording)

Topic 1: Measuring Exposures and Outcomes (Part 1)

Topic 1: Measuring Exposures and Outcomes (Part 2)
  • Integrating Digital Health Tools to Improve Detection of Cognitive Decline - Laura Campbell (Slides) (Recording)

  • Applying ML/AI Tools to Identify Novel Phenotypes - Najim Dehak (Slides) (Recording)

Topic 2: mHealth Approaches to Intervention Delivery / Prevention
  • Role of Digital Monitoring in Shaping Clinical Care - Jessilyn Dunn (Slides) (Recording)

  • Older Adults’ Adoption / Usability of Digital Tools - Sara Czaja (Slides)

  • Behavior Monitoring and Feedback - Jason Fanning (Slides) (Recording)

  • Trials Focusing on Depression in Older Adults - Joaquin Anguera (Slides) (Recording)

  • Enhance Social Connection Through Digital Means - Cristina Colón-Semenza (Slides) (Recording)

Digital Approaches to Health Care Delivery for Older Adults
  • Institutional / Health Service Use - Nicholas Pajewski (Slides) (Recording)


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