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Robert L. Kane Postdoctoral Fellowship

Robert L. Kane Postdoctoral Fellowships in aging, dementia, and long-term care will nurture scholars with strong substantive expertise/interests in long-term care, healthcare systems and delivery, prevention and management of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRDs), intervention design/ development, systems innovation, health equity, and/or quality of care/quality of life among older adults and their family/professional caregivers. Methodological skills in one or more of the following areas are preferred:

  1. intervention research;

  2. quantitative/longitudinal methods;

  3. qualitative or mixed-methods;

  4. community-engaged research methodologies;

  5. program or policy evaluation; and/or

  6. implementation and dissemination

Please email applications or direct further queries to: Ashley Millenbah, MPH, Robert L. Kane Endowed Chair Coordinator, email:; phone: 612-424-1894.


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